Where can I use FDS spray?
Spray on pads, panty liners, undergarments or the external vaginal area only.
Can I use FDS sprays inside my vagina?
No, the product is not meant for internal use.
Can I use FDS spray as an underarm deodorant?
Although FDS spray is effective at minimizing odor due to moisture activation, it is not an antiperspirant and would be less effective than a traditional underarm deodorant.
Are there times when I should not use FDS products?
As with all products used on the skin, we do not recommend using the products on broken or irritated skin or if you have a yeast infection.
Can I use FDS products when I'm having my period?
Yes. FDS sprays and washes will help you feel fresh throughout the day while neutralizing odors.
What is in FDS spray?
FDS spray is a spray powder containing corn starch and gentle, skin conditioning ingredients such as Vitamin E and Chamomile.
Is FDS spray safe for my daughter and at what age should she be before she can use it?
Most women begin using FDS spray when they start their period, however, this is a personal decision. For teenagers, we suggest speaking with your physician.
Can I use FDS spray on my clothes?
FDS is commonly used on pads, panty liners and undergarments. We do not recommend using FDS on other kinds of clothing.
Can I use a spray and a wash together?
Yes. FDS feminine washes can be used every time you shower to gently remove odor causing bacteria from the external vaginal area. Sprays can be used after you shower or any time you need to feel fresh throughout the day.
My FDS spray has stopped spraying. What should I do?
Try rinsing the nozzle with warm water to clear any clogs caused by corn starch buildup.
What is FDS’s policy on animal testing?
We do not test our products on animals.
Can I use FDS spray more than once per day?
Yes, FDS spray is safe and gentle enough for use multiple times throughout the day.
Where is the best place to buy FDS products?
FDS products are sold in mass merchandise stores, drug stores, supermarkets all over the country including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, K-Mart, Publix, Kroger, Winn Dixie and numerous other independent beauty supply stores.
Is FDS spray safe?
Yes, FDS spray is talc free, hypo-allergenic and clinically tested and proven to be safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin. Most women use FDS spray daily without concern.
What if a rash or irritation develops after using FDS products?
You may be a person who is sensitive to certain skin products or is allergic to certain substances. If a rash or irritation develops while using our products, you should discontinue the product(s) keeping in mind that the irritation could be a sign of another condition that might require a medical evaluation. As with all products used on the skin, you may be sensitive to this product if you have broken, irritated or itchy skin.
What is the difference between a feminine wash and a body wash?
FDS feminine wash is a body wash that has been gynecologist-tested and therefore evaluated for use on intimate skin. It is safe for use on all your sensitive body parts.
What is in FDS feminine wash?
FDS feminine wash is a gentle, soap free cleanser designed to gently wash away odor causing bacteria from the external vaginal area.
Can I use the feminine wash on other parts of my body?
Yes. Feminine wash is a gentle shower and body wash. Although it is specially formulated for sensitive skin, it will cleanse all types of skin.
How often can I use FDS feminine wash?
FDS feminine wash is gentle enough to use every time you shower.
Can a fragranced product be hypo-allergenic?
Hypo-allergenic is a term used to describe a product that has a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic response. FDS feminine wash is a unique formula specially designed with this in mind utilizing great fresh fragrances that work on even the most sensitive skin.